Thursday, January 29, 2009

Observations on a Thursday Evening.....

1. There is only so much blogging one can do about storms, and more snow, and the bitter damn cold and breaking ice off one's roof. I didn't want to blather on about it, in the same sense that I'm sure you all didn't want to hear it. If all goes well, we will hit our 90th day of school Monday. That is 6 days later than we should've. It's only the end of January. I'd be an idiot to think we are done with snow days and I'm already dreading being in school at the end of June.

2. I have only run 15 miles this month. To some of you, that might seem like a lot. To me, however, it's pathetic. I run 2.5 miles at a time. My goal for January was to run 3x a week. Some quick math will tell you I've gotten out and run 6x this month. Once this week (so far) and only once last week. Before that I did good and got 2x a week in. The weather is killing me. Between the cold, the bitter wind and the storms I'm lucky to have logged 15 miles. I haven't had a single day this month on dry, bare pavement. (I started a log on the first) I figure all this hellish snowy/sloppy road work will make my legs stronger and I'll be like a rocket when the roads get better. Right? Right?!?

3. To pass the time, and keep the winter blues at bay, I've been knitting. I have knit LOTS of baby things this past month (2 new items since Tori was born last week.. oh wait, I'm supposed to call her Victoria still. Well.. it is MY blog), and this weekend I'm hoping for at least one sunny day so I can take a few photos of the most recent items. I decided I'm going to knit a new gift for each holiday during every baby in our families first year. I'm working on Valentine's Day right now and have something in mind for St. Patty's day and Easter all ready. I realize this might be more than I can take on, but I don't care. It keeps me busy when it's cold and miserable and I'm holed up in the house. Besides, my sweater is slow going and baby items work up quickly.

4. Have you been to Quizzle yet? I get my three free credit reports a year (no, not through THAT website, through a different one), but never wanted to shell out cash to find out my credit score. Turns out, I scored a fantastic 762. 840 is the highest you can get, and I got a 94% rating. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Quizzle is sponsored by Equarian and is 100% free and recommended by Clark Howard. Check it out.

5. I got a new laptop a few weeks ago, and I really love it. It's an apple green dell (I would've preferred to go back to a Mac, but I've moved too far away and my dh won't provide tech support.. he's a PC) Studio edition and it kicks arse over my last one which was on death's doorstep. It came preloaded with Vista, which I have a professed hatred of, and I kept it on because it was just easier that way. I still don't love it..but I do love the little weather widget up in my right corner. Right now it is clear and 20 degrees outside with a new moon. I like how yesterday when it ws storming it had snow. These are the simple things that make me happy.

*My running trail, that I haven't been on since some time in November.. makes me happy.

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ktb38 said...

15 miles is A LOT! Really!