Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Welcome Break From Winter

Back at the end of the year, over our very long and snowy Christmas break, I decided that one of the things I wanted to do in 2009 was take a family outing every month. Go somewhere that we've either never been, or really love. January was a hard month, as my Grandma passed away and life was busy, but we did get to my brother S's house for a bash for our brother B's 30th birthday. That was fun and we counted that as our outing but decided we'd add another one into a different month. I decided at that same time.. that in February, during winter break I wanted to go to Magic Wings.

Starting late in January, until late in February, winter kicks my arse. I hate the cold, bitter temperatures. I hate the short, dreary days that bring darkness with them all to soon. The holiday rush is over and life kind of gets quiet and dreary to match the world outside. I know myself, and knew I'd need a kick in the butt to get through March. The days are already staying longer, and soon it will warm up soon and the roads will be dry again and the earth will turn green and I will be happy. Until then.. I have warm memories of today to get me was fantastic!

I've never been to Magic Wings. Mr. Man went once in 3rd grade, or maybe 2nd and I always thought it would be a cool place to visit. Turns out it was only like 1 and a quarter hours away, so I don't know why we've never been. It was sooooooooooooo worth it. Because I'm smart, I had everyone leave their coats in the car. The Boy exclaimed, "We're taking off our coats?" and before I could make a snarky comment, Ms Thang replied, "Well duh.. butterflies can't live in the cold." I love her. Turns out they have a coat room.. but whatever. We left them in the car.
When you first get in, you walk into the gift shop/cafe area. You buy your tickets and then you enter the Display Room.

In the display room they have.. well.. displays. Frogs, Crawly Things, all sorts of educational things so you can learn about butterflies. I was a good sport and read the stuff and looked at all the things.. but really.. I just wanted to go in and see the butterflies! I got the kids digital camera's for Christmas, and Mr. Man had to take 200 photos trying to get some of the critters. They were behind plexiglass.. and much to his dismay, his photos came out lousy. Of course, being 14, you can't tell him.. he has to learn for himself.
Finally we got into the Conservatory. It was amazing.

When you walk through the door, you are immediately swarmed with butterflies. Right now they have the biggest amount of Morpho butterflies they have ever had at one time. Everywhere you turned there were blue butterflies buzzing around. There was also a pair of Button Quails on the ground in front of where we were. There is a flock that lives in the Conservatory, and we caught one sitting on a nest of eggs, and 2 mating. Love was in the air, as several pairs of butterflies were also mating. We ran into an old friend of mine who used to work at our school and now works at another school in her town.. and her smallest son asked what the butterflies were doing, and without missing a beat she said, "They're making babies honey." I miss her.
Butterflies are very hard to photograph. They are always on the move, until they decide to take a break. Once they set down, they either stay a while, or immediately get up and fly off again. I learned by observation, that they like to fly in swarms. You often see swarms of them just buzzing around all over the place. I think they liked my orange sweater, because at two different times, I had a butterfly (not the same one) land on my back shoulder. I didn't realize until I used the bathroom before we left, that my face was turning flushed from the heat. I did notice everyone elses face was flushed, but not until after I noticed mine. It was very warm and a nice break from the cold of the day.
I honestly could've stayed another half hour or more just watching the butterflies, or sitting on a bench enjoying the flowers, but my people were getting ancy to get going. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, which is tricky on Ash Wednesday (if you need to know, the grilled haddock sandwich platter is very good) but yummy none-the-less. Then, on the way home, The Boy asked if I wanted to go to the yarn store. I asked him what yarn store, and he said he saw a sign for some big yarn store.. and I realized we were near Webs. OMG... I was so delighted. If I knew Webs was only 1 and a halfish hours away.. I'd be broke by now. What a great day we had.. I enjoyed it very much.


Bec said...

WEBS! You are so lucky! I've only heard about how wonderful it is!

I'm going to try to implement the same "one (or more) outing a month" (and one or more new restaurant a month) at our next base!

onescrappychick said...

It's a good plan.. I just need to stick with it. And WEBS.. OMG.. it's amazing. I could've stayed there ALL day long.

tspwlv said...

Sounds fun. Your butterfly photos are gorgeous.