Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Give A Little Bit......

Knitting for babies is very rewarding. Babies are small and they don't care what they wear. Therefore you can make fun and quirky things, and unless the parents violently object, it's all OK. Because babies are small, their clothes/accessories are small also. Small equals fast and gratifying knitting projects. It doesn't take too long to whip up a sweater or a hat or a pair of booties. What's not to like? My SIL chose a pink/brown theme for the nursery, and so I created the blanket in a pink/brown color that H insisted would match perfectly when she first saw it.

I wasn't a yarn junky fiber-arts crafter when my children were little. I believe this is part of the reason I love to knit for everyone else's small babies. I have made a dozen sweaters/hats etc for coworkers and friends, and I am loving the chance to knit for a family member. I made a hodge podge of things for my niece's "birth-day", including a blanket, a sweater, two hats and a pair of booties. All of the items were created using a wool/acrylic blend and though I tried to stick with a "pink" theme, it didn't quite all "go" together.

After that I got smart and decided that themes were much more fun. For Valentine's Day I went with a flower theme. I realize I should've used hearts or something more in tune with the day, but my color scheme was Valentine's Day-ish and I couldn't resist the fun flower theme. I made a kimono sweater that I found on Ravelry, but I don't think I'll make it again. I found a better kimono pattern that I would use next time. I also knit an upside down daisy hat, a petal bib, a washcloth and a pacifier clip. This group of items used a cotton blend yarn which will be more suitable for the spring/early summer when I expect that she will be able to use it. I always harbor a secret fear that people won't like the items I knit for them. That babies will never wear the things I give them. I know this is silly because I've heard stories about how often people have had their kids in my sweaters, and my little neighbor won't go anywhere, including bed, without her "ponchina".

Of all the Valentine's knitting, the Upside Down Daisy Hat is really my favorite. How could you not like this little hat? It was a little bit fiddly, but really.. what isn't? I love how cute and fun it is, and I hope my SIL doesn't think it too "out there" and let's T wear it. Often.


Bec said...

Great knitty gifts!!
I agree with you on the themed presents...I have a whole list of theme gifts in a notebook somewhere! LOVE the upside-down daisy hat... the hat part of mine went so fast, but then I hit a road-block on the petals...but I'm so glad I finished it. Aren't they the cutest!??! Also LOVE the pacifier clip!! (Should've made one of those for my cousin instead of a Little Sister's items in sock yarn...Aaaahhh! Might as well make myself a nice worsted weight sweater!!)

Awesome Abby said...

Do those come in grown-up sizes?!?! How freaking adorable!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Holy cow these are just darling! Well done Beth!