Sunday, May 17, 2009

If It Makes You Happy.........

.. then why the hell are you so sad?! :: sings loudly with reckless abandon ::

In NO particular order, things that made me happy today.

1. These lilacs. I cut them off one of our lilac bushes yesterday while the fence was being worked on. I love lilacs, and I love that I saved that old cookie jar with the broken lid. It was the only thing I had big enough to put them into.

2. It stopped raining and the sun came out. It wasn't warm, but it wasn't raining either.

3. Not only did my 3rd vegetable bed get built, it has soil/compost in it, and the other beds were refreshed and all three are ready to go. On top of that, The Boy thinks once his big tower thingy goes up, there might be room for one more. YAY.

4. I weeded. Yes I know.. that shouldn't make me happy. BUT, I got the bird bath garden weeded, the herb garden weeded and the front /side of the house gardens weeded. WHEW! I only have one more section to weed.. and I am done. (for now, I know!)

5. The rotting fence is down, the posts and rails have been purchased, and The Boy and his partner in crime have 3 days this week planned to work on building me a new one. I'm hoping for it to be done by my birthday.

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