Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Today is the day we have our classroom parties at school. Last school year I bought a book at the Scholastic Book Fair called Hello, Cupcake! and you might remember that I made sunflower cupcakes for my birthday, and corn on the cob cupcakes for Mr. Man's graduation party. So when S asked if I wanted to make anything for our classroom party, I blurted out before thinking, "I want to make ornament cupcakes." How hard could they be I thought? Frost, roll in sprinkles, decorate. If only life were that simple. First I had to prepare the candies. Snip the licorice, cute the black licorice into usable strips because we couldn't find black laces to use, cut up fruit by the foot, etc. etc. etc. Turns out, that was the easy part. The cupcakes weren't hard to make, but it was time consuming. It took me over 3 hours start to finish to get those cupcakes frosted and decorated. 3 hours that I had planned on going to a Jazz Band Christmas party, but am glad I skipped. 3 hours of which part of I had intended to be working on a Christmas gift I wanted to give today. It was so worth it.

Aren't they the most gorgeous things you've ever seen? Our class is totally worth the effort that went into these cupcakes. Even though they won't appreciate them as much as i did, or any adults will.. I had so much fun making them. The Boy graciously offered to go into work late today so that I don't have to try and walk them down the street in the bitter cold, and at the end of this long day, we will listen to Christmas music, open gifts and eat treats while we wait in blissful anticipation of vacation to get here on Thursday.


KnittingLMS said...

They look beautiful!

Bec said...

They sure are beautiful! And probably tasty too!!!