Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well I'll Be Damned...

Somehow, it my rather short (ahem) life.. I've managed to land myself a 15 year old child. 15 is 6 months from driving with an adult in the car, 1 year from a licence, 2 years from adulthood and halfway to 30. Half. Way. To. Thirty. I'm only 35... so for almost HALF my life, this person has been part of it. How cool and weird and OMG you're kidding is that??

My MIL just called a bit ago. When he got off the phone with her, he said to his father, "You should be proud of your mother. (insert eye rolling from me here). This is the first year she didn't give me the whole story of my birth, just a brief bit of it." To which I promptly replied, "Which is crazy because SHE WASN'T THERE!" OK, moving on.

He was born rather quick and rather early and came to meet us at 6:37am. At 6:37 am today he was sound asleep, and I was making my bed. When The Boy came back into our room at this exact time, I asked him, "Should I wake him up and sing happy birthday to him?" (in all jest).. and he laughed as his mother used to do that.. so I sang it quiet to myself and finished my bed. We had waffles for breakfast in honor of his birthday, and even though his father woke him up, he slept through it and missed out. He wants pizza for his birthday, but greasy pizza joint stuff, not the kind I make so later we will go out for pizza. But no cake. He asked for me to make a whole box of Jello just for him.. and I was tempted to make cake anyhow just for the rest of us. But I thought better of it, and just made the Jello, as wrong as I see it.

In the past I've done rather sentimental sappy posts about him, and his getting old (see here, here , here and here) but I don't feel so compelled to do so this year. I had to laugh when I read last years post about his being upset that his hair was shaggy. The last time he had his hair "cut" was before my Grandmother's funeral in January. Then he didn't let anyone touch it until about the week before Thanksgiving when he got 1/2 an inch trimmed off all the way around and it cleaned up a bit in the back. He's growing it out, and it might be making me nuts, but it's his hair. His attitude has been better (mostly) for these past few months.. and I can see the fine young man he's going to be shining through. I couldn't be more proud.

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