Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I Spent My Spring Break

On the Friday before school let out for spring break, we mosied on over to to check out the forecast for the next week. It was rather depressing, with Tuesday and Wednesday being forecast as the only nice days straight through the following weekend. The only thing I really wanted to do over spring break was go to Boston, but Ms. Thang took a babysitter certification course through the Red Cross, that was from 9am-1pm Mon-Wed, so that shot any long term trips for the nice weather days.

It rained all weekend, and we got the dining room and front room spring cleaned. The Boy unsealed the windows, and I rearranged the dining room. It just wasn't working for me anymore, and I wanted to see if we could accommodate a longer table. Because our windows are OLD, and I mean the kind that sit there, and are held in by two strips of wood that is screwed on to the side frame, and in order to open the window you push it up and it sits on a metal pin OLD... The Boy puts a piece of that weather stripping tape between where the two windows meet every year. Not only does this cut down on the drafts, but it prevents the windows from rattling all winter with the wind. Unfortunately, the first nice days you get in March or April, they have to stay shut because no one in their right mind assumes winter is over after the first nice day.

The Boy figured he'd work Mon-Wed, around dropping off and picking up Ms. Thang, and so I planned to get some stuff done around the house. Monday I spring cleaned the upstairs hallway and the downstairs bathroom. Tuesday I spring cleaned the upstairs bathroom. Wednesday it was too gorgeous to be stuck inside doing ANYTHING.. so I went out and raked the yard. I raked the entire yard, cleaned out the leaves under all the hedges that lined the yard, and swept walks, slate paths etc. The only thing I didn't finish, was the lilac/chokecherry tree line next to our yard and the town hall/police dept. driveway. Thursday it rained, and before it rained we took the lawn furniture out of the barn and brought it out back and gave it a good scrub. I took all the tiles out of the table and cleaned them and it's all ready for the first warm day we can have dinner out there. (looks like this Saturday, btw... I can't wait) After lunch, Mr. Man came home and asked if we could spring clean his bedroom.. so we did. Friday I took the day off, did errands and went out to lunch with 2 of my friends and then we went out to a local farm and had a nice hike. Of course, we had to stop and visit the chickens, which is what my photo up there is of.

Saturday was another gorgeous day, although not quite as nice as Wednesday, but better than Friday.. and we went out and finished the raking of the yard. I weeded out my bird garden, and then read in my chair in the sun. The Boy grilled us a nice dinner and it was a wonderful way to spend a late April Saturday. Sunday we spring cleaned Ms. Thangs room, did laundry and got ready to go back to work.

So during the week, the yard got raked, 1 garden was weeded, 2 walks were swept, 6 rooms and one hall were spring cleaned and I think that's pretty darn good! I also finished knitting a sock, started a new one, got one of the front's of a sweater for me done, started the other front and finished knitting a baby gift for a former coworker. I didn't go to Boston, I didn't get to see my brother, who's on vacation THIS week,and I didn't go out an run once, although I did get several walks in and a bunch of pilates sessions with Ms. Thang. Not too shabby.

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