Thursday, April 08, 2010

Three Things on a Thursday

:: giggles :: Isn't that a fun title?

Thing 1: I discovered I have Gustatory Rhinitis. Sounds scary eh? It's just an annoying runny nose that happens right after I eat hot or cold foods. It's kind of a non-allergy.. allergy that just develops,and now I'll likely have it forever and ever amen. More than anything it's embarrassing, but now that I expect it to happen each time, I can be prepared for it. I'm thinking of making some cotton hankies like men carry in their suit coats to put in my lunch box and purse. I'll have to go check out some fun fabrics.

Thing 2: I played hooky from school today. I was in bad need of a mental health day. I'm trying to ignore that it was near 90 and sunny yesterday and today it's breezy and 65. The universe is a cruel, cruel bitch. I have tomorrow off also and it's supposed to be even cooler. I've spent the day doing the last of the laundry, some chores, and organizing some things that will go into my craft room as soon as I've built some shelving. Not what  had in mind when I heard it would be sunny and near 80 today.. but the leaf buds are on the lilac bushes, and the maple trees and the grass is starting to turn green and I have daffodils in the front yard. I love that.

Thing 3: Mr. Man has joined the tennis team at school (I know, I was surprised also!) and I went to his first home match yesterday. I discovered a few things. One: I know nothing about tennis. Two: After watching 2.5 hours of tennis, I knew nothing more about it than when I got there except they have to win by 2 points more than their partner or the match can go on forever. Three: Not everyone on the team gets to play at a match. Four: Tennis isn't really a spectator sport, but it makes for nice knitting outside in the sunshine assuming the weather cooperates (which it did yesterday).

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