Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Crack Myself Up

I was out working in the yard when The Boy came home from work this afternoon. You see, Ms. Thang signed up for a Red Cross babysitting class that was from 9am-1pm M-W of this week. The boy figured he'd take her, go to work and get some stuff done, then pick her up and come home. The weather has been rather lousy-ish so I've been holed up in the house being 8 kinds of productive, but today I headed outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and get some stuff done. We were doing some yard cleanup when all of a sudden he asked me, "Did you blog about the house being painted?" I looked at him hard for a minuted, thinking, what kind of dumb ass question is that.. of course I blogged about the house being painted.. and instead I said, "Yes I did. In fact, I seem to remember posting a photo of the house when it was half white/half brown. (click here)". The paint is starting to peel on two sides of the house, and he was wondering how long it had been since it been painted. 

So tonight, I went back into the archives of my blog to find out when our house was painted. Instead of doing a willy nilly search, I decided I'd just start at the first post, and have a good chuckle about how far I've come in my blogging. Those first few months of posts were rough, but as I scrolled through the months of the first year, I realized.. I'm pretty damn funny, and not a half bad writer. I miss blogging.. and I'm going to make an effort to do more of it. You might remember that this time last year I was in a bad place. It actually started the summer prior, now that I look back upon it with some distance and understanding... and I realize that while part of it was due to events, I believe another part of it was due to a bout of depression. I wish I had realized that then, but hindsight it 20/20 and there you have it. During those long months, I let my blog go mostly quiet. Instead of coming and blogging about what was going on, and how I felt (though maybe that might have been therapeutic), I chose to remain quiet.

 Even though things are better now, and I am better now.. I haven't gotten back into blogging. Sometimes it's easier, and quicker to just post a Facebook status update, and I believe that is half my problem also. Starting in May (hahaha, see how I pushed it off another week and a half?) I vow to blog at least 2x a week, if not more. I want to bring back my Friday Five feature, at least for a bit while I get back into the swing of things. I have house projects I can share, knitting endeavors, paintings.. all sorts of things. I just need to get here and do it. Today I will give you a photo of my yard.. the first part that I finished raking. I started with the yard on both sides of the driveway, so I could sit on the porch, eat my lunch and admire my hard work. What I didn't take into consideration, was unless I sit in The Boy's chair, not facing the mountain and looking towards the part of the yard I didn't rake.. I couldn't see a damn thing. It was OK. Knowing I had done it made it all worthwhile.

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Sgt said...

At least I'm not the only one out there with good intentions on posting something yet somehow rarely get to it.

What started as a hobby and stress relief started feeling like a chore... and if there is something that I will ignore like the plague.. its chores.