Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Little Word

When Ali Edwards first blogged about One Little Word several years back, I was instantly hooked on the idea. The goal is to pick one word that you want to be the focus of your year, and to spend the next 365 days trying to work the theme of your word into your life. In the past, I have chosen the words Balance, Revive and Pause. This year, I had a word all picked out at the end of December. I thought of it over Christmas break, and was feeling pretty good about it. Out of all the words I had picked so far, last year's word.. Balance was the one I did the best job with. This isn't to say that I achieved balance in my life, because that is so far from the truth. But I did cut back on some things. I dropped some obligations (Steel Drums for example), and I tried to do better balancing myself between family and work and life. Not a great job, but not too shabby.

I couldn't tell you now what that word that I picked for this year was, because I've since come up with a better word. I referenced to it in one of my late December posts. My new word for this year, is ACCEPTANCE. This word was put on my heart, and it has taken root and grown like a weed. There are so many things I need to work on in the area of acceptance. Accepting help when I think I don't need it. Accepting that my husband is who he is, and loving him for just that. Him. Accepting that the mess in my teenage children's rooms isn't going anywhere fast, and to stop stressing about it. You get the idea. Today, on what is only the 19th day of January, I've already come to accept some things in my life. Some pretty big things actually.. and I'm feeling really good about my word, and the direction that this year is going. Here's to 2011. What's your word??

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karen (yi-yi) said...

Well, I'm not doing the AE activity, but I do have a word I adopted during the Christmas season that I'd like to keep with me: PACE. I put up my mantle decorations, including the word "peace", and then I changed it to the Italian word. Yes, "pah-chay"... which also looks a lot like "payse" in English... with the double meaning being exactly what I was going for. Slow down, and be at peace.