Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Be Beth

I AM...loved more than I know.
I WANT...to hold onto the peace and calmness I feel in my life right now forever.
I SHOULD...work on using my "free" time more productivly.
I WISH...that I could take away all the hurt that is in the hearts of all those I care about.
I HATE...feeling so cranky that I don't even like myself very much.
I FEAR...that I might lose my family in a tragic manner and be left alone.
I SEARCH...for who I really am, deep down at the core of my being.
I WONDER...how my life might have turned out differently, yet relish in the fact that it didn't.
I REGRET...nothing. Every moment has brought to me right now.
I HEAR...the words that aren't spoken, the questions that aren't asked, and the song in my heart.I LOVE...with all that I am, in the best way that I know how.
I AM NOT...perfect, nor am I done. I AM a work in progress.
I SING...loudly, and often, without caring who hears or what they think.
I CRY...when I am hurt, or when the feelings inside swell up so much that I think I might break.
I NEED... to be quiet more. To slow down. To remember to tell the people I care about how I feel.
I HAVE...everything I need to be happy.

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