Thursday, February 17, 2011


I read a bunch of different kinds of blogs every day. Some are knitting related, some are home related, some are craft related, or running related, or food related or what have you. Just a random sampling of stuff that I like to read when I have a few minutes at the end of the day and I'm too darn tired to do anything else. One of the blogs I read, is The Yarnista, which is the blog for Three Irish Girls yarn. Today, Sharon posted a heart wrenching post that is so near and dear to my heart, I had to re-post it here on my own blog.

A longtime friend, and customer of her shop recently lost her baby, Charlie. The loss of a baby is such a devastating, and heart breaking thing, and Sharon wanted to do something to help her friend. When someone you know suffers a loss like this, it's hard to know what to do, or say to help or to comfort the parents. It's especially hard if you are heartbroken and suffering yourself. Sharon decided that she would help out by creating a special colorway called "Glimpse", and donate a generous portion of all the sales to a non-profit agency called Share. Share is an organization that provides services to families who have lost a baby due to pregnancy loss, still birth or in the first few months of life.

Obviously, our own family is still grieving for the loss of my nephew Max. It has been 4 years and a few months since his tragic passing, but sometimes it still feels like it was yesterday. I often find myself thinking of him, or my SIL and her husband and how hard it still must be for them. I watch my niece play, or hold my new little baby niece, and think of the older brother they'll never know. I have decided that you never "get over" hard things in life, you just find ways to move through them and go on with your life.

If you wouldn't mind keeping Charlie and his family in  your prayers, that would be wonderful. If you know any yarn crafters and would like to alert them to this sale, that would be wonderful. If you would like, Sharon will also dye up and send yarn as a gift to yarn crafters on your behalf, so everyone can help out if they feel moved to do so.  I'm personally going to knit up some baby hats with it, and donate them to my local hospital.

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