Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simple Gifts

At the end of September, The Boy's™ youngest sister gave birth to the most beautiful little baby girl. She was the brightest spot in the most rotten month of this entire year, and has continued to bless my life since then. While her mom was home on maternity leave, I would get photos of her on my phone during my work day, videos of her once she started babbling, and the time that I get to spend snuggling and loving on her is better than any therapy. She couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time. I know that her mom and dad didn't plan it that way, but I really believe that she has been a gift to me, more than to them (shh, don't tell them I said that because I'm sure they don't see it that way), and I can't wait to watch this little ray of sunshine grow up.

On Saturday they came to visit for lunch and to celebrate Christmas a little early, as we won't get to see them on Christmas Eve due to their work schedules. Actually, my MIL will be babysitting that day, so I will get to love on my niece all afternoon long, in between snuggling and playing with her older cousins, but her parents will be missing from the scene. We had such a lovely visit and I instantly regretted that we haven't had them over more often these past few years. We have had plans that have fallen through, they have been busy, we have been busy, and well, this year we (read:I) haven't felt much like entertaining. I'm hoping to change that in the new year. I am not a huge fan of entertaining, but I am a huge fan of my nieces and I want to see them all more often. Because we could, we took some really fun photos of her (Dear Santa, if you are reading, next year I would like a really good digital SLR camera), and I am counting the days until we see her again.

One of my most favorite parts of the day, other than snuggling her, and catching up with my SIL, and just spending time with them all, came at the end. We gave our gifts for her to them, and for my SIL, who The Boy™ picked in the gift exchange. They decided that they would open them while they were there, instead of waiting, which we were totally fine with. So we got to share in her first Christmas gifts, which was totally awesome and I loved that. His whole family lives within a half hour in any direction of each other, and they get to see each other so often. We, on the other hand are an hour and a half away from everyone in one direction or another, and so our visits are limited. I feel like my nieces know and love everyone else better than they do us, which makes me a little sad. But I know that my SILs talk us up, and share our pictures, and I send them all texts and messages and gifts and love, so I hope it makes up for it some. Once I can get over myself, we are going to facetime when she gets bigger. I can hardly wait.

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