Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Trouble It Might Drag You Down

it was in the 50s on Monday
I've come to realize that the demise of a marriage isn't always due to a major event, such as an affair, gambling or abuse. That sometimes, it's the little things, that occur repeatedly, over a period of years that wear a person down and beat a marriage to death. That there are things, which seem so trivial to other people on the outside, that occur so often, that they can wear a person down to the point of saying,"I just can't do this anymore." Things that other people can brush off so casually, then when occur over, and over, and over, over a period of decades, threaten to bury you alive. Yet sometimes, you have to look deep inside yourself, and make that hard decision to either walk away, or try harder. Each day is a chance to start over. Each rough patch is an opportunity for forgiveness and growth instead of grudge holding. Even though those things, that continue to wear you down, continue to keep happening, there is that thread of hope that if you keep on explain the why, and the how, and the feelings, that eventually they might change. For if not for hope, what do you have left?

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