Sunday, July 15, 2007

End of the Week Wrap Up

In keeping with tradition, it rained the first night of our camping trip. (we think The Boy is a curse, he claims it has rained every time he's ever gone camping) I take that back. It didn't rain.. it poured buckets. The kind of hard, driving rain that sends you to bed and then you have a hard time sleeping because it's so loud. But it ended during the night and then we had gorgeous weather. The kids went swimming after we set up camp Wednesday, and then spent a good part of the afternoon on Thursday lounging about in their tubes and enjoying the lake. We went fishing and didn't catch anything, and had fun around the camp fire. All in all, it was over way too fast. Ideally we like our trips to be one day longer than this one, but we were pressed for time on both ends, so it didn't work out. In looking at our crazy summer schedule, this seems to be the only camping trip we'll get in. We are going away to the lake the week before school starts, so I'm OK with it.

Yesterday we headed out to the city bright and early for a Bridesmaid function with my favorite SIL. She's getting married in October 2008 and we made Save the Date cards. She printed cute little magnets with their engagement photo and the date on them, and we made cards and inserted them and got them ready for mailing. It was a busy, crazy day but we had fun. She had these cool tee shirts made up and her sister got her a cute little tiara that she has to wear to all our functions. We'll be making the invitations in October and I'm looking forward to it. Growing up, I only had 4 younger brothers. I've known H since she was 13 and she's sort of my "adopted baby sister". I'm so excited about her wedding. I love her finance and couldn't be more happy for her.

I had plans today to work in the yard and get some of my gardens cleaned up, and the weather decided that I needed to change my plans. We had wild storms today! Torrential rain, whipping winds, hail the size of dimes. My backyard had flash flooding, as did the street. Neighbors lost parts of their trees. Down the street near our school a tree fell over and damaged a power pole. PSNH had to come out and replace the pole and so of course right at dinner time they shut off our power. So instead I cleaned the kids playroom/my craft room top to bottom. I am almost done my spring(summer) cleaning. I have 3 rooms to go and I'm very happy about this. Mom comes on the 28th and that's my deadline. I don't want to be doing this in August. This week is looking busy already, and next week Ms. Thang will be off at camp and next thing we know July will be over. It hardly seems possible.


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I love her finance and couldn't be more happy for her.

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