Friday, July 20, 2007

Late Night Musings

In 5 short minutes, my local bookshop will kick off their official Harry Potter Book 7 launch party. They have a big to-do every time a Harry Potter book is released. Hagrid rides a motorbike into the store at 12:01 to deliver the first books and a grand time is had by all. My son, would've given his left arm to be at that party tonight. I've never gone, and seriously toyed with making an exception, for this.. the last book. The idea of getting home after 1:00am, and having to get up 5 hours later to get going on errands and getting Ms. Thang ready to leave for camp was the only thing holding me back. It makes me feel old. Normally by this time I'm exhausted and half asleep, or already in bed. In a few minutes I'm off to bed, and I feel slightly bad. Maybe I should've sucked it up and gone.

I did however inform him that after I buy the book during my errands tomorrow, he would be able to read it first. He prefers the soft cover books, so he reads my hardcover when it is released and then when the soft covers are published, I buy him his own copy. He was besides himself with this. I won't be able to read it right away and I won't be tempted to sneak off for some reading if he has it. I threatened him with all sorts of ugly things if he mutters one syllable about what is in the book. I have never spoiled the books for him, and hope that he is mature enough to understand what a big deal it was for me to trust him with this. He'll have that book read in no time, and after we take Ms. Thang to camp on Sunday I plan on hunkering down and reading it myself. He read that first book in 1st grade, all on his own, and then got me hooked, so it's fitting that he should finish the series first. Hard to believe that it's the last one. In the spirit of being a good blogger-citizen, I won't post about it until August, and even then I'll leave some spoiler space and give warning.

And on a totally different note, I have baby watermelons in the garden! And baby cukes, and baby c antelopes and baby green beans. The pumpkins are producing male flowers left and right, which means that the female ones will be along in no time and I'll have all sorts of cool photos to share. The first zukes are almost ready to be harvested. I learned that the small ones that shriveled up and fell off were unfertilized females and that's why they didn't grow big like their plant mates. Who knew this was going to be such an adventure??

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