Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In Which We Find Some Quiet Busy-ness

How've ya'll been? It's been a little on the hectic side over here at Chez-Too-Much-To-Do. It's amazing how much stuff you put off when you're busy, busy, busy with work and life and general hecticness. So I've been trudging away at my spring cleaning (I know.. I know!) which is coming along fabulously. I've gotten 6 rooms done so far and I started on the Barn. The Barn is one of those things that gets done in spurts. 180+ year old dirt and grime doesn't mix well with my allergies. But I did get a whole section of it done today, along with weeding my flower garden and mowing the lawn.

Ms. Thang is off at my dearest SIL's apartment for what was going to be one night, and now has turned into 3. She just called to see if she could keep her forever, and I told her she had to have her back before the 22nd so she could go to camp, and she said how about Thursday? They have gone swimming, and to the mall, and will go see a movie tomorrow and fireworks. They are doing some pre-wedding stuff (she's getting married in Oct. 2008 and we are both Bridesmaids (well, she's a Jr) which is exciting for them both.

The upper photo of my "bird garden" as I've fondly named it was taken this afternoon. It's come a long way since I planted it don't you think? I couldn't believe how tiny those plants were just a short month ago when I put them into the ground. I can't wait until next year when the flowers are bigger.. or about 2 years when it really fills in. The birds love my bird bath. They drink and play in it every day. Best Mother's Day gift I've ever gotten.

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