Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In Which We Find a Mystery....

Back around the beginning of the month, I stumbled across a Mystery Knit a Long. Ok, I didn't stumble either.. I was blatantly shoved by Steph. She went on and on about how fabulous it was and this, that and everything else.. and I felt the tug. I waged an internal argument with myself.

scardey self: I've never knit lace before
rational self: This is a perfect opportunity to learn, 3,000 other people will be knitting with you (that number is up to over 6,000 btw)
scardey self: I've never used such thin yarn, what if it's expensive and breaks easy?

 rational self: (After a quick google) You can get the yarn for $12.50 and I'm sure it will be fine.
scardey self: But I'm in the middle of a wee sweater right now, and what about those socks I haven't finished yet?
rational self: No wee babes need that sweater at the moment, and those socks won't mind hanging out in the basket a little longer.
scardey self: What if I don't like the pattern in the end?
rational self: You can give it away as a gift! Sign Ups end tomorrow, so just sign up and then if you hate it don't do it.

So of course I joined the group. They were getting ready to release the second clue the next day (a new clue is released every Friday except for this one coming up, in honor of HP reading) so I wasn't too far behind. Except we were getting ready to leave for camping, and I wasn't ready to commit to a yarn without some research and color options. So I waited. And I looked at what others were doing and using and how the shawl was coming out thus far. And I printed clues, just in case. I'm not a shawl wearer I kept telling myself. But I did crochet a shawl that hangs on the back of my chair in my bedroom. And I do want to learn how to knit lace.

So I placed my order, and waited. And waited... and my custom wound, 4 oz yarn cake arrived in the mail today. It's gorgeous. The beads I chose over the weekend, on an act of blind fate (I picked two in case the ones I first chose weren't a good match, I'd have some dark ones that might work *they don't btw*) are a perfect match to the yarn color! The recommendation was for white or black or a variation of for the yarn... but I'm an autumn. I figured I'd most likely wear the thing if it was one of "my colors".. and if I gift it, at least I knit with an enjoyable color along the way. So I'm off to finish up what I was doing, and embark upon a new journey.

*late note.... it seems that my lovely beeds, are too small. I needed size 8/0 beads, and I have 11/0 bead which are significantly smaller. So... no stole knitting for me until my beads arrive. (sobs)


Sgt said...

Wait, you mean sweaters and such don't grow on the shelves at the Gap?

This changes everything!

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