Friday, August 17, 2007

Eye Candy and a Busy Day

Somehow it got to be Friday, although how that happened I'm not sure. We are leaving this weekend on vacation and I've been busy doing those last minute things that I would normally be doing anyhow... plus a million more. Today has been a "charge the batteries/mow the lawn/paint Ms. Thangs bedroom window (I know... but we had it re-glassed and I had to wait for the stuff to dry enough to paint).. pack.. do this .. do that. Tomorrow is going to be crazy with shopping/packing stuff and so I'm trying to spread out the crazy. Forget that we come back next Saturday, and I go back to school Monday and the kids Wednesday. So yesterday after my appointment we went and did shoe shopping and stuff. Did I mention it's been crazy?

So anyhow.. just now as I realized I hadn't had lunch yet and was out in the kitchen rectifying this.. the kids decided they wanted to go and roller blade. Except Mr. Man hasn't had new blades since he grew out of his last ones (his choice). So he tried on The Boys (too big) and then he tried on mine and came in to ask me if he could use them. (I haven't gotten over the fact that since May his feet have been bigger than mine yet) I have no plans to use them today, so I figured why not. You'll remember at this time last year I had a broken left foot and a badly sprained right ankle. I haven't roller bladed since then. So the two of them are out back, on the long driveway that separates my yard from the town hall, and is actually the access for the police dept. having a grand old time with each other.

The reason that I shared this.. is because it's the end of the summer. If you have school aged kids, you know what I'm talking about. By now, my kids have had enough of each other. They bicker, they get on each others nerves... they get on my nerves. A sign that school is getting ready to start. It warms my heart that today, when I'm running around crazy... they took a break from all that to enjoy an afternoon of blading together in the back.

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tspwlv said...

That's so cool. Just when you need them to act like human beings they come through for you.