Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Up for a Little Challenge?

Create your own "I AM" poem here, and then share it on your blog. Here's mine:

I Am
I am strong and beautiful
I wonder how differently things might have turned out
I hear the whispers from my past
I see the images, that have yet to fade with time
I want to be at peace with myself
I am strong and beautiful
I pretend that it doesn't hurt me anymore
I feel shattered and alone
I touch gently, without hurting
I worry because it haunts my thoughts
I cry alone, where no one sees me
I am strong and beautiful

I understand , but not really, how can I?
I say I'm fine, but am I? Is anyone?
I dream .. even though I wish I wouldn't
I try to not let it define who I am
I hope that I am braver than I feel
I am strong and beautiful


Lissa Ballard said...

Ok no fair - your's is actually a decent poem (no matter a wee bit dark - but aren't we all sometimes?).

When it said imaginary, I really picked imaginary - like I made up things! HA HA HA HA HA

Great job!

Jodi said...

Good job on your poem!

Sgt said...

I think I am in the same boat as Lisa. Mine sounded like I was overdue some serious therapy or something. Which is most likely true, which is why I elected to just laugh and click "clear"