Sunday, August 05, 2007

So. Very. Grouchy. (a non-rant post)

I've been a little grouchy the past few days. OK, "little" might be an understatement. I've been VERY grouchy. Not because I want to be grouchy mind you. (Sgt, cover your eyes!) I've got PMS. I never used to get PMS, up until a few years ago. Now on top of the severe headaches the day before that come along with nausea and exhaustion, I get grouchy. I'm hoping that we're having an *early* month.. because if not I still have 4 more days of grouchy. Early isn't my normal thing. I have a "normal for me, late" thing going on. OK, so anyhow.. I've been a rotten bitch. So miserable I don't even like myself.

(Sgt, you can open your eyes again)

Things that would normally be OK, have been pushing me close to the edge. I have a list of things I could rant about today. My son and his damn hormones... the dog and her "busting out of the house and running away" incident the other day.. ... the morons who are rebuilding the sidewalk and how they've destroyed my hedges and most likely one of my maple trees.. the fact that my sewing machine is on it's way to MD with my mother (permanently).. a whole list.

But when I've sat down the past few days to blog, it has all seemed so trivial. My coworker is burying her husband tomorrow. He died in a tragic motorcycle accident last week. They had been married almost 20 years, have twins that graduated in June and are leaving in a few weeks for college.. an 8 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. They just moved to a new house before school ended. How can I blog about any of this... when her whole world has shattered before her eyes? (although I will be blogging about the sidewalk thing next week... it's awful!)

Hug your family tonight. Call your mom/dad/grandparent/sibling and tell them that you are sorry and start over. Spend an extra few minutes with your children and tell them again how much you love them. Pet the dog. Show some love to those who matter most to you. And if you don't mind, say a quick prayer for my friend.


Nik Just Nik said...

You have been tagged on my blog....

I am also sending prayers to your co worker...

Sgt said...

You shouldn't feel guilty about your own feelings, regardless of the gravity of other's. We all live within our own spheres of relativity. What might seem so minor to you, might be the most tragic issue to me.

You can feel for your co-worker and still cry out for the maple tree. It's ok.

Since there was a part of your post I couldn't see with my eyes closed, I will just randomly throw out that exercise has so many great benefits to include the release of beta-endorphins.

Bec said...

Thanks for the reminder to keep things in perspective...I'm a pretty lucky gal, and don't have all that much to complain about (but I do).
I've had and will keep your friend & her family in my prayers