Monday, October 15, 2007

Letters on a Monday.. a Monday.. a Monday.....

Dear Red Sox,
I know that making it into the post season is a huge thing for you. It is a lot of stress, and hard work. I get that. But c'mon. Seriously?!? How about a win? For me? For the kids? For the hell of it? It's not too much to hope that if your team makes it into the playoffs that they will keep up the momentum and do a kick ass job and win some games. I know you can do it. I have faith in you. Besides, baseball is much better than football. I'm not ready to give it up yet. Ok, Rest up.... Thanks! One Believing Fan

To The Boy,
When you offered to make brownies with Ms. Thang for school tomorrow, I was relieved. I had to leave and go out. I had stuff to do when I got back. It was brownies for gawd sake, any monkey can follow directions and make brownies.

Or so I thought. When I realized there was an 8x8 pan in the oven, and ranted about how anyone expected that amount of brownies to feed a class full of 5th graders, I was justified. How you felt that throwing a fit and behaving like a 4 year old was an acceptable response is beyond me. Common sense would tell you that a small pan will not feed 21 students plus 2 teachers. Seriously. If I'm going to end up having to do the work anyhow, you haven't helped really. Get over it.
One grumpy wife

Dear Ms. Thang,
Growing up is hard. Losing friends is harder. She's not moving, she's just going to a new school. I know you all have been friends since Kindergarten. She feels crummy too. Enjoy your brownies tomorrow at school. There will be some more at home (fatter, and more chocolaty) for later. Chocolate always makes things better.
love, Mom

Dear Bloggers,
I'm sorry that today's post has nothing to do with saving the world or whatever cause ya'll are trying to promote today. I'd like to say that I was in the midst of posting a rather in-depth post dictating all the "green" things I am doing in my life to make a difference. Seriously though, I was watching Blogger Play. For the first time. I know, I know. I've been busy. I'm all about saving the world. And my heart breaks when spattered in between photos being uploaded of scenic places, and peoples kids.. are soldiers off in foreign lands.. missing their families. Someday the world will be a better place. Today is not the day.. but it's a nice place to start.
fondly, B

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Wild World of Scrap said...

As usual, I love all your photographs girl.

I totally feel you on the "if you're not going to really help, then please don't bother volunteering, freeing me up to do other things only to find at the last minute that I'm going to have to do what you said you would anyhow because it's just wrong. And, please remember, "NO I'M NOT WRONG FOR BEING UPSET WITH YOU. PLEASE GROW UP AND TRULY STEP UP TO THE PLATE...AND IF YOU BEHAVE LIKE A CHILD OVER MY REPEATED EFFORTS TO ACTUALLY GET REAL HELP FOR A CHANGE I'LL TREAT YOU JUST LIKE THE CHILD LIKE WHOM YOU ARE BEHAVING."

Sorry - been there and done that girl... so sorry you had to go through that coz I know just how busy you are.

Btw, loved the BJ song the other day.