Friday, October 19, 2007

Musing on a Friday Evening

Ya'll still out there? This week has been crazy. Busy. Hectic. Exhausting. I am. So. Glad. It's. Over. It never fails to amaze me how some parts of the year drag on and on and on.. yet other parts of the year fly by in a quick blink of the eye. In regards to this craziness, I give you some random things to tide you over until a more normal blog post shows up.

Fall TV: I am so glad Men in Trees is back on. I didn't watch this show last year, except for maybe twice. I did however start watching during summer reruns, and I got hooked!

I am ecstatic they moved it to Friday's at 10:00, as this is a much user friendly time slot for me. (lets hope I can stay awake to watch it every week!!) Grey's has been decent so far. There have been some great "classic Grey's" moments in each episode, and some deep and moving speeches given by the characters. I'm interested to see where the characters go this season, after what all happened at the end of last season. I watched Private Practice a few times, and I'm still not really enjoying it, so I think I'll be done with it. I gave up ER at the end of last season after more than a decade of watching, and I don't miss it this year at all. We've been recording CSI and watching it after Grey's and I'm thinking that this whole Sarah/Grissom marriage thing is going to be how they write Sarah off the show. After all, you can't be married to your boss.

The Keene Pumpkin Festival is this weekend. We've been attending the Festival ever since Mr. Man was almost 2 years old. He went as an adorable little bat that year, wearing a costume that my mom had made for my younger brothers many, many years before. That was 1996. 30,000 other people attended with us, and 10,000 plus pumpkins smashed the world record previously held by the city of Keene. 30,000 people sounds like a lot, especially piling into a relatively small city, until you hear that last year 80,000 people packed into the city and brought with them 24,682 pumpkins (which is almost pathetic). Several years ago we stopped attending the festival on Saturday. It really is too many people crammed into a small space. The lines are long. Our local shops are packed. The traffic is miserable and the flow of people has turned into a stand still. We began attending the Friday night "Community Night". Yet even that is getting too big. Last year it poured and we stayed home. This year, despite the rain, we went into the city for dinner, and drove out to park in a lot.. to discover that it was raining hard again, and so we came home. Keene has stopped all wide scale advertising in the hopes of discouraging masses of people from coming all over the country and bursting the limits of downtown, but it might be too little to late. We'll see how it goes. I will do my errands tomorrow, early, and then stay far.. far away.

The Holidays are still far away (OK, hello... who forgot to tell me that they aren't that far off?!?!) and already the mayhem has started. We're trying to schedule the date for out annual "Uncle Christmas" celebration and it's proving to be a bit difficult this year. It doesn't even feel like we should be discussing this, as it's still warm and balmy outside.. but I'm not complaining. My heat has hardly been on since we turned it on... and we are getting the last of the outside projects that we had wanted to get done finished. This weekend, on top of finishing up our last project, I need to start my fall cleaning. I've never waited this long to start, and I'm wondering how the heck I'm going to pull this off.

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