Thursday, May 15, 2008

All In Good Time

This photo was taken in early July of last year. I was so excited because the plants that started out as bare roots, or little baby plants had gotten "so big" and it was filling in nicely. Those 4 plants on the bottom right turned out to be tender perennials. Which means that in most other parts of the country, they will come back every year. Our winters are too harsh, and somehow I missed that bit of information when I bought them. I'm ok with that. I have already planted two new plants in their place, and am waiting on the third. It should be here tomorrow.

This photo was taken earlier this week. I can't believe how big those plants have gotten in just ONE year. And not even a year because it's early in the season. Last winter, when school was kicking my ass and winter was wearing me down, I started dreaming about what I wanted that little empty garden spot to look like. I had a vision of a birdbath surrounded by beautiful flowers. Last year I got a taste of that, and hoped that all the plants would come back and fill in. Looks like in just a few more summers my vision will come to pass. I am so excited.

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