Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wack This!

In Germany, moles are a protected species. I cannot fathom why this is, but alas, there you have it. In my backyard, moles are now fair game. We never had moles before this year. One day, The Boy came into the house and announced, "I believe we have a mole." I looked at him oddly, as we have never had a mole, and as such.. how the hell would he know that? He proceeded to bring me out back, and showed me a trail of broken dirt going through the back yard. "Mole." he announced again, and turned and walked inside.

I was baffled. How the hell did we get a mole? Where did it come from? How many are they, and how the hell do you get rid of them? I used my superior Google Fu skills, and found out that indeed, we had a mole(s?). I also read an entertaining article on how to rid yourself of moles. It involves a shovel, a hammer and some patience. It also explained the game "wack a mole" ... and I had a good chuckle. It recommends stomping down the "trail" and watching to see where it pops back up. I did as instructed, and continue to do so. For a few days I thought the mole had left. The trail was near the edge of the yard, and no new trails popped up. Score one for me I thought!

Yesterday, I went to put the dog out after school.. and discovered more trails! Bigger ones that normal. Branches even. Arrrggg. I had a long chat with Bella, who is allowed out of doors about how a mole is really just a larger mouse and WTF was her problem with killing it. Then I decided I was done. I don't want a mole digging up my back yard. After our walk last night, the DH put a smoke bomb down a rather large hole that I had assumed was belonging to the chipmunk (and I think it used to, as that hole has been in the yard for several years now and this is the first mole year) and let it do it's thing. Unfortunately, I was off visiting my friend K after school, and then at a rather awful PTO meeting, and didn't get home until 8pm. Much too dark to go looking for mole trails. We'll see how it looks tomorrow.


Awesome Abby said...

I tried to leave a comment on your newest post, but kept getting an error. Anyways...I can't wait to see another pic of the garden in a few months, and we had a mole once. Jason caught it and put it in a bucket for all to see before he disposed of it. Peculiar lil things.

Gregory said...

Ya, so what happened next? lol I want to know what sort of illegal on-goings went down in your yard to dispose of this thing.

onescrappychick said...

Moles: 4

Beth: 0

LOL.. I'll update soon