Saturday, May 31, 2008

So Long May..... I hardly Knew You

I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that today is the last day of May. 31 days have gone by, and yet I am pretty sure that the month just started. We have exactly 15 more days of school. Well, 14.5 if you are being technical.. and out of those days, 1 is a field trip to the farm, 1 is our yearly Carnival day.. and one morning is Vehicle Day. I love the end of the year. My brain is mush, and I am exhausted, physically and emotionally, but it's almost over. So much has happened this month.. I don't even know where to start.

Yah, I can't remember much of the month. Mother's Day was nice. I spent the day out working in my garden and got it all ready to be planted. I put my vegetable plants in last weekend. Last weekend was busy. I was glad we had the 3 days.. in it I crammed errands, mowing the lawn, putting in my vegetable plants, trimming my hedges (first time of the year is always a huge chore).. a parade and a cookout with our friends from across the street. It really was nice.

What I do remember.. is the last week. So last Saturday the band (jr/sr hs) went to Boston to see the Pops. They left at 12:30, hung out in Quincy Market and surrounding areas.. then went to a 7pm performance. They got home a little after 12:30 am.. and Mr. Man went to bed around 1:00. He got up a the crack of dawn Sunday because he wanted to go to the range with The Boy and T (male half of the friends across the street) and they were leaving around 8:00. So they got back around 1.. and Ms. Thang announces to Mr. Man that a girl called while he was gone. (I was out mowing at the time). She can't remember her name, so I throw out a name of a girl who has called a few times nagging Mr. Man about going to a dance.. and she says no... and stumbles through a few and then throws out a name. Mr. Man's face turns red and he says OK, and goes upstairs, having previously announced that he was going for a nap (prior to the phone call news). I go back out to trimming the hedges, come in much later (like an hour and a half) and went to make a call.. and the phone said 'line in use'. So I asked who was on the phone and Ms. Thang announces that her brother is on the phone with a girl. Well, good for him I thought. He called her again that night, and talked to her the next morning.. and then missed a call from her. He proceeded to get all tweaked out about losing her phone number (it was on a piece of paper) because she had gone to her dad's and he was normally talking to her at her mom's. So I sleuthed it down out of the phone book and saved the day.

Every day this week he has talked to her after school... going up to his room or out to my swing so as to not be overheard. I had to institute a "no phone after 9pm" rule, which he has happily agreed to. Last night with the middle school semi-formal dance, and he asked her to go, but he didn't really want to go and neither did she, so they didn't. He came out to the back yard where I was sitting at the table updating the checkbook while The Boy grilled dinner (he was in the house at the time) and asked if he could go to her house today. I raised an eyebrow and asked why, and he informed me that her dad invited him to go with them to see Indiana Jones tonight. He would pick him up, they would go out for pizza, see the movie and then he would bring him home. I didn't miss a beat and told him that was fine and instantly won "best mom of the year."

Today, after running errands all morning, I decided I needed to start my spring cleaning. It's pathetic that June is about here and I'm not half done yet... so because I like to get the worst rooms over with (normally I start with the smaller ones.. but this is crunch time!) I told Mr. Man his number was up and we were doing his room. So while we were in there (he did as much work today as I did.. I love having older kids) he would announce every so often how much time was left until he was departing. Then S called and said they would be half an hourish late (she was at a sporting event for school)... and was a little more late than that.. and you could see that he was besides himself waiting. He walked through the door an hour ago with a huge smile on his face, and has gone to bed to get up at the arse crack of dawn tomorrow for a road race. Mr. Man and The Boy have to be in Wilton at 7:00am to do the radio relay for a race up Pack Monadnock. Dorks. Anyhow... it's weird to think that I could possibly old enough, or even ready to have a child who is interested in the other sex, and going out on dates.. but here we are. He's happy, and she's cute and I'm sure this is just the begging. Dios Mio.


Gregory said...

Didn't you mean Grandma of the year?

onescrappychick said...

still not as old as you now am I?