Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm Still Standing...

Busy. Crazy. Tired. Cranky. Overworked. Under-rested. My list could go on and on. I'm here. I haven't had time, nor the desire to blog lately. Nothing worth mentioning that wasn't crabby and a blog full of complaints.. so I haven't bothered.

I just got back from spending the weekend in Salem, MA. We had a gig this afternoon and 6 of us girls went down yesterday to spend the night and poke around and have an adventure. Guess the guys weren't feeling very "witchy". We had a great time, and as much as I had some things that are pressing to get finished I'm glad I went.

I'm making a wedding album for my friend who got married, and NEED to have it done by tomorrow night.

She has a chemo treatment scheduled for Wednesday and I need to have it to her before then. She's finally feeling better from the first one (of the increased major-dose crap).. and considering out of three weeks she's had 4 really good days so far..I want her to be able to look at it and enjoy it while she's still lucid and coherent, as apposed to how she has been. I almost have it done, and had I stayed home and gone down to the gig today instead I could've... but I really needed the break. So I'll just bust ass tomorrow after school and go visit her on Tuesday afternoon.

34 more days of school. Not that anyone is counting.

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Carly said...

I'm counting... oh, my god, am I counting.

hugs, to you