Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Final Countdown

Today was the last day with my students. They don't have school tomorrow and today was the end of the year ceremony on the lawn, and then a picnic lunch outside and then the Carnival. I spent most of the morning running around like a chicken with my head cut off.. feeling much better than I did yesterday. Then lunch came. I ate, walked down the street to my house (only 1/4 mile) to get some $$ for my daughter, walked back and hit the wall. Between the exhaustion and the pain from my biopsy, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to get through the afternoon. The kids went outside for the afternoon's festivities, and I went to see the nurse. I laid down on her "bed" for just a few minutes while I waited for the Advil to kick in.. and woke up an hour later.

If I had realized that they were doing the biopsy yesterday, I would've taken the rest of the day off to rest instead of going in to work. If I had known when I scheduled the appointment that they were planning on doing it.. I would've put it off one more week. My principal came and scolded me later in the afternoon and told me I didn't have to attend the meeting we had planned for this afternoon, and I told him I felt a bit better after my nap and I would be fine. Then he asked how come I just didn't go home earlier and then come back for the meeting? Cuz I'm dumb is what I wanted to say. Really I was just so miserable I couldn't think clearly.

My nurse likened it to getting a slice on your finger that you can't put a bandage on. When you have a bandage, your wound is protected and heals easier and quicker. When left open, it's more painful and more likely to open back up and take longer to heal. This is all part of the healing process.. mixed in with whatever issue is going on to start with (interesting that the area that I always thought was my left ovary is really my uterus, which tips backwards come to find out) is causing some misery. The sucky part.. is that I have sooooooo much going on right now I really can't take the time I need to rest. I have given up my walking this week and promised The Boy that aside from my to/from walk to work, I won't walk until Monday.

On a totally different note, I hope to be able to take a photo of my vegetable garden to share with you (maybe tomorrow). I can't get over how BIG it has grown already in less than a month. I am just blown away by it all. The tomato plants not only are as high as my waist, but there are tomatoes growing on 2 of the 4 plants. I have a baby zucchini and flowers on my pepper plants. I think it was late July last year before I had baby veggies. I'm so very excited.

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Bec said...

Well, I'm envious of your vegetable garden! I can't wait to see pictures, even though they'll probably just make me feel insufficient because my flowers are all chewed up and dried out and not even flowers, just stems. One day I want to have a nice veggie garden... but for now (even though I've given up on the flowers) I'm practicing on a little herb garden! So proud!