Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Hot You Could Fry an Egg

Today was one of those nasty kind of days that makes you wish that winter was back. Ya'll know how much I loathe winter, so it takes some pretty damn good heat to make me want to go back and freeze my arse off. Today it was that hot. At the hottest part of the day, the weatherbug reporting station 5 miles from my house reported that it was 99.6 degrees out, and the heat index was 109 degrees. The kids didn't go outside for recess at school. We shut the 3rd floor and 4 classes worth of kids had to go find somewhere cooler in the building to work. Did I mention that our school is 160 years old and brick? Good times were had by all.

Last night before bed I threw open all the windows and cooled down the house. This morning I shut it all up, pulled all the blinds and closed them backwards to keep the sun out, and then left.

It only went up 5 degrees in my house, even though the outside temps went up 30. I walked into this room 15 minutes ago, and found Bailey and Bella trying to stay cool. It is 83.2 degrees in here, but currently at 6:23 it's still 93 degrees outside and the heat index is 101. As soon as the outer temp drops below the inner temp I'll throw open all the windows and start over. It's supposed to be 60 tonight. The sadder thing, is how excited we all are that it's only going to be 88 tomorrow. I think maybe some brain cells have melted.

There are 8 more days of school left, and life is kicking my arse hard right now for reason's I'll get into later when I have more to tell you. I apologize for my sporadic posting, but that's just the way the tumbleweeds are blowing right now. While I've just typed this, the temp has dropped down to 90.8 and the heat index is down to 96. Relief is on the horizon people. Excuse me while I go celebrate with some ice water.

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