Friday, July 11, 2008

In Which We Find a Much Needed Vacation

The ole' blog is going to be quiet for a bit. After a steel drum gig up north early tomorrow.. we will be taking off for a much needed family vacation. We're headed off to our favorite local campground where we will un-plug, un-wind and recharge. The weather looks pretty decent, with only a chance of rain on Monday. The first time we ever went was a wash (click here,), so I'll settle for one possibly rainy day.

It's hard to believe July is almost half over. We'll get back Wednesday afternoon... I have another gig Friday night.. then the following weekend is Ms. Thang's birthday, my mom comes for a week, then we'll be into August and it will almost be time to go back to school. (Ok, maybe there are a few more weeks in August before school... but still!) It's been very crazy this year, and I'm really glad I didn't plan on doing any major house projects. I don't know when I'd ever have gotten them finished.

This photo was taken on July 3rd, and when I get back I'll take new pics and do a whole blog about my garden. I can't get over how well it's doing this year. I go out every day and just look it because I'm amazed at what a difference it is from last year. Later Taters.


Knit Witch said...

WOW!!! Great looking tomatoes! Our garden is just doing ok since we had to rush to put it in once we moved in. Over the winter we will work on getting it really "garden appropriate" with good soil and tilling and all of that. We are going to have green beans out the wazoo though!

Awesome Abby said...

I remember that....hope it goes better this time!