Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just Another Random Sunday....

Few things:

1. My SIL is pregnant again, and I'm sooooooooo excited and happy for them. They have been through so much, and have been trying for so long to have a family. If you could keep them in your good thoughts over these next 7 months, we would all greatly appreciate it. I can't imagine the fear and anxiety she must be feeling along with the excitement and happiness. I have to say, I was worried enough for her after they lost my nephew Max, but she's been battling depression since her miscarriage last year and really has been struggling. Max's death was a freak accident, but to be safe they are going to take the baby early (I'm guessing 2 weeks?) and so he/she will be born sometime in the middle-ish of January. Just in time to need lots of hand-knit items.

2. We had an in-law family craptacular yesterday... and I will admit it was the best visit I've had with my MIL in years. Nice enough that I wondered strongly if I was feeling OK, or if there was a weird lunar thing going on.. but it was very nice. The Boy's other sister is getting married in late September, and there is soooo much crazy stuff going on due to that.. but I think it's been wonderful for my MIL and some of her issues and she's almost back to her old normal self. (almost)

3. As a testament to how much rain we've had this summer (we've already had more thunderstorms this summer than we normally get in a whole year)... those giant mushrooms are growing in some vinca that is under my hedges. The photo doesn't do justice to how big they are, so you'll just have to take my word for it. BIG. ARSE. SHROOMS. Vinca is a low growing ground cover btw, if that gives you a better idea.

4. The Knit Witch, is having a contest on her blog. Click on the icon to go check it out. She makes some really cool yarn bowls, that have little holes in the top so you can put your yarn in, and not worry that it will roll away. If I didn't have to worry that Bailey would eat the yarn.. I'd have one, if not 2 of them. Such a cool thing. Anyhow, she's opened up a new American made fiber company called Amia Yarn, and they are having a big sale through the end of August, so if you are in need of some yummy fibres, go check it out.

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