Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Weed Is a Flower That Hasn't Met It's Potential

It has rained almost every day since ... I dunno, it seems like ever. Each day we've had a shower, even if it was brief. Some days we've had a quick light rain. Some days, like today, we had a heavy pouring rain. We've had hail. We've had major thunder/lightning. It's been very wet, and as a result.. my gardens are doing fabulously!! I'll be posting photos over the next few posts to show you how big some of my plants are. I have tomatoes that come up as high as my.. er.. ladies. I have some purple cone flowers that are almost as tall as I am. Everything is green and lush, and as is such, even the weeds are thriving.

I did a good thorough weeding about a month ago, so while the weeds aren't too bad, its time to get em again. So I decided to take a break from my spring cleaning today and do work in the yard( 7 rooms , 1 porch, 1 storage hall/closet and the closet in the guestroom down and 6 more rooms and the "cold room" to go. Not too shabby). Normally I wouldn't share the next story with you.. but one of my readers will appreciate the hell out of it, and maybe is in need of a good laugh. So I decided to start with the vegetable garden boxes. They are both 4ftx4ft and not very weedy. Instant gratification with that plan and I'm all about starting small and feeling successful and then moving on to bigger. So I head out back with my gloves on, and my plastic green planting pot (it's a pretty big one) that I throw my weeds into until it's full and then they go into the composter. I've noticed that this year we have lots of ants in our back yard. The kind that dig large pencil sized holes in the ground, not hills. They are black and I haven't paid them much mind because they don't seem to be doing anyone any harm, and they are outside. Ants are OK if they are outside. So anyways.. I'm not such a big fan of squatting when I weed. I either kneel, or sit, because squatting is hard on my back. So I got out back, plunked my arse down on the ground next to the box, and began weeding. I decided that at the same time I'd do my best to get the little orange things that fall off the pine tree out of the garden boxes also. I brushed a few ants off of my foot, and my leg.. and then suddenly I felt a sharp pinch on my right arse cheek. I cursed, jumped up and a quick swipe produced one of those black ants (the are sized somewhere between a sugar ant and a carpenter ant.. pretty big but not HUGE) that had crawled up my shorts, unknown to me because I was sitting on the ground and it didn't have to climb my leg first. It left a nice red mark and stung for a bit.. but I'm no worse for the wear. I bent over from a standing position to weed the rest of those gardens, which sucked, but at least it ensured no more ant bites. After all that, I managed to get the flower garden that surrounds my bird bath done, and then called it a day. The wind was picking up and I was tired from being in the sun and that whole ant thing just.. well.. burned my arse.

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tspwlv said...

Don't you hate when you try to do something good and just end up getting bitten in the ass?