Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Which We Paint The Floor...

and by we.. I mean ME. The floor was in rough shape... too rough to sand down and refinish, so we decided a few coats of a good floor paint were in order. I went armed with the plug plate from the room which I planned to reuse, and matched the paint to the dark brown that I knew would match both the yellow and the green in the next room which is connected by the same ugly arse rug, and an open doorway. As you can see.. the floor was painted before, several times.. with this big bare spot in the middle where I'm going to assume was a rug, that just got painted around? I can't even fathom.

The Paint Guy (tm) who has never led me wrong in the past, recommended putting down a grey primer to help with the dark
floor paint. He was the one who recommended the pink primer for the porch ceiling when we did that a deep rusty red, so I knew he wasn't leading me down the wrong trail. Primer is thick, and takes forever to apply (unlike paint, which is thiner) and I was happy to only have to do one coat of it. We kept the door shut that leads into these two rooms to keep the cats out and let it dry for 24 hrs.

I came home Monday afternoon from school and put the first coat of floor paint on before Jazz Band. Even with the roller marks and the uneven spots and the brush strokes from cutting in around the edge of the room.. it was a VAST IMPROVEMENT over both the ugly arse rug, and the discolored floor. But better than that.. the color looked AWESOME with the walls. Painting the floors with the paint went much quicker than it did with the primer, but your are supposed to wait 48 hours to put on the next coat, and I had a BUSY week with evening things for the kids, so I didn't actually get the second coat down until Friday after school.

If the first coat was awesome, the second coat was more so. I still can't get over how nice it came out. The color I chose was called Bittersweet Chocolate, and it really lives up to it's name. I can't wait to put the trim back up and see how it looks finished. They recommended 72 hours of dry time before normal use, but we decided to take the "better safe than sorry" route and won't get in there again until Saturday to put the trim back up and move some stuff in. At first The Boy wasn't sure about the trim, and thought I should paint it also.. but I can't paint the awful tiles that are the ceiling, and didn't want to take any chances with mucking it up. Plus, that board in the corners and behind the lights is holding together the drywall (eye-rolls), so I couldn't even take down one section in that corner you can see that that each corner had 2 strips. Whatever, I'm over it. I am very pleased with this whole project so far, and wish I could win Powerball so I could furnish it how I want.. and immediately..... but alas, I will just have to make it work for now.

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