Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where I was last month.. Pt. 3

Every fall, we go apple picking. We lost our favorite orchard, and have taken to picking at another local orchard that is always busy and not quite as nice as our original orchard. Granted, that one was always busy also.. but we just liked it better. This year we went on a cool day, after an afternoon football game. It was a nice day all around, and we got plenty of apples, of which I'm still turning into applesauce. Apple picking is one of those things I love, but always seems to go by too fast. When we pick blueberries, it takes a long time to get the amount of berries that you desire.. but apples are picked quick and then it's over.

We had a spectacular fall due to all the rain we got this summer. My garden was a wash, the leaves didn't get raked until just a few weekends ago, and it's just been overall busy and crazy.. but the color has just been fantastic. We took our ride up through VT which I blogged about prior, didn't make it to what might possibly be the last Pumpkin Festival in Keene, I ran a race to raise money for a runner who is a local teacher who has come down with lung cancer , and tried to adjust to having a child in HS and another in MS that require trips here there and everywhere else. It was a crazy, crazy month.

At the end of the month, we attend the Baptism of my beautiful little niece. It was late on a Sunday afternoon and I had a raging migraine headache that lasted for the better part of 7 days, right up until Halloween.. but it was nice, none-the-less. She is getting so big, and she always quiets down when I hold her and I just love her to death. I have had enormous fun knitting her fun hats, and cute sweaters, and for her birthday in late January I plan to knit her a tea party. I'd link you but I can't find a decent photo of it on the nets.
Next up.. what I've been up to THIS month (before it's over, I promise).

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Bec said...

Busy October!
I haven't gone apple or berry picking in a looooooong time!