Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Had To Know It Was Coming....

I really didn't plan on re-painting those walls. I wanted the room done, "fast", "now", "yesterday", and painting the walls was just going to make the whole process go longer. There were holes to be patched, cracks to fill in, washing the walls with TPS, primer.. and on and on and on. Taking out the closet was the clincher. The closet never got painted the first time. I was too intimidated by the shelves and the small space and who really was ever going to see inside it anyhow? When my mom left for the convent, she gave away all her belongings to family and charity and what have you, and one of the few things I asked her for (which there were not a lot of, as she started life over after my dad and I already had the few things that I really wanted) was this pitcher that lived in her kitchen.

I love the colors, I loved the shape and really.. it was just awesome. My brother Scott asked for it also, but he asked too late and I got it. Currently it lives on top of the green dresser I won at that auction, holding my straight knitting needles.
I originally thought I wanted to paint my craft room green. In fact, I already have a lot of green colored accessories as this has always been the plan. The more I tried out different swatch cards, the more I realized I didn't want
green, I wanted something bright and cheery that would go well with green. Enter the pitcher.

The pitcher is a beautiful pale lemon color, with the most perfect shade of green accents. I found paint in the yellow for the craft room, and that same green, which I will paint the adjoining room which will become our office. I was tickled to death when I started painting and realized how PERFECT(!) the color was. How awesome it matched the pitcher. How wonderful even the first coast was (in the photo with the ladder, that was the first coat), and how much better the second coat looked. Even The Boy was impressed, and he typically doesn't care what colors anything are, so long as I am happy.

I kept going in to make sure that at different times of the day it didn't look "sunny" or "buttery".. and it never did! Unlike that other color that only looked right for 5 minutes on any given day and pink the rest of the time.. this color hit the mark.
It's harder than hell to take a good photograph of however. That is a south-facing room that gets a lot of sun during the day, and the color is just beautiful.. but I can't seem to capture a good picture of it on my camera... no matter what time I go in, no matter what the weather, if I have the lights on.. nada. This one is close... but still no cigar. It's still 100% better than what I had before.

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