Friday, November 06, 2009

Where I was last month.. Pt. 2

I wasn't in the band, nor did I ever date anyone in the band. My HS boyfriend ran track, and so I went to track meets, not football games. I think in my entire HS career, I went to maybe 3 games. Maybe. The Boy, however, was a band geek. He was a drummer, and was tickled that this year Mr. Man would be playing in the marching band and therefore we would be attending football games. I don't really understand football (yes, I know the basics of how it works) and much prefer to watch hockey or baseball. On top of that, all the games were scheduled for Friday night. Not my best hour.

The first game we went too, it was raining. The band played their opening tribute to the events of 9/11 (it was that weekend after) and then some stand music. They left before halftime without having played their halftime show. The next game was cancelled due to heavy rain and winds and rescheduled for a lovely fall Sunday afternoon. That was my favorite of the games. The third game was what Ms. Thang refers to as "Frigid Friday", and the last game, in keeping with tradition of the season.. it rained. The band bailed during the 4th quarter and we left with them. They don't play at away games, and that was the last wet, cold game I had to attend.

The day after "Frigid Friday", we traveled out to Dover NH for the Dover Band show. 15 bands from around southern NH and Maine showed up and played their halftime shows. It wasn't as cold as the football game the night before, and we had a good time despite not getting into bed until 2am. My MIL took great delight in reminding her son of all the cold, wet football games she attended for him, and I tried to be quiet and supportive and not complain too much about how cold I was. At the end of marching band season, The Boy looked over at me with a smile, and said, "Just think, we have 5 more years of this.

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