Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Closet...

As we were taking down the bottom trim, so that I could paint the floor and not have to worry about mucking it up, I decided I might as well paint the inside of the closet, which I had not done the first time I painted the room. I went into the closet to take the shelves out, and The Boy took the trim out, and while I was in there, I realized that there wasn't a whole lot holding that closet up. It was a rather poor closet, in the way of closets, and mostly it just housed my knitting books, a 3 drawer thing-a-ma-bob that housed gifts and misc. stuff and my school stuff that really had no home anywhere else. We talked, and decided to take the closet out. The boy thought we should take out the ancient electric heater, and the shelves he built me over the heater in front of the chimney, but I love the shelves and wanted to keep them.

Ms. Thang and I had November 6th off from school, and after the boys left, while she was still asleep, I set about dismantling the closet. How hard could it be right? That front panel was just some cork board, mostly it was cheap paneling and some drywall. I should've known better. Sophie came to supervise what all the banging and ruckus was, and I tried not to hurt myself or make too much of a mess. It was a LOT more work than I thought. Eventually Ash woke up and came to see what I was up to, and after watching me whack a few things hard enough to knock them up, offered up, "If all else fails, hit harder" and went off watch some TV.

I got the closet apart to this point by myself.. and needed to wait for The Boy to come home and get out some power tools to finish the rest. He came in with an electric screwdriver and an electric saw and had the dismantled within 15 minutes. I was a little less than impressed... and then felt dumb for not thinking of that earlier. I used all hand tools and Beth-muscle to take apart the rest of that closet. He convinced me that the closet was 75% of the support for my beloved shelves, and so we took them down, and then took that stupid heater out. We also removed a wall outlet in the process, and he took a phone jack out of the playroom that was sticking into where the closet was and dry-walled a patch for that.

It was amazing how much more open the room seemed without that closet and those shelves in it. I really can't get over it, and it made me happy because there are not unobstructed walls in the room where I could put in a scrap counter/shelvy/cabinet kind of configuration, but now I have that whole corner to play with. We patched and sanded and patched and sanded and got ready for painting the room. I figured if I had to prime and paint that wall where the closet used to be, I might as well paint the whole entire room. Adventures in painting are coming next.

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Bec said...

You're really working hard! Already made a lot of progress! Exciting!