Friday, July 29, 2011

In Which We Find a Missed Birthday

Before you think that I'm a horrible, awful mother (though I am sure I have my moments).. I didn't miss her birthday. We celebrated it this past weekend in a grand manner that I will share about it a moment, I just missed coming and posting her birthday blog. Once my summer job starts, life tends to get a little bit crazy and I tend to be hot and exhausted when I get home. About all the energy I have left at the end of the day goes into dinner and chores. Sad, I know, but it is what it is. I love my job at the blueberry farm and wouldn't trade it for anything, but that's another post. We are here to talk about birthdays.

Last year, she left for camp on the day of her birthday. Not only did we not get to celebrate with her on her special day, I had to work and couldn't go to drop her off. The Boy™ helped her settle in and took the official "bunk photo" and I missed being there while I was busy at work. A lot. This year, she didn't go to camp. There are two reason's why. The biggest reason is her food allergies. Camp is nut free, so that wasn't an issue at all. However, last year, when we told camp she had to avoid Soy Milk (before we knew how involved her allergies really were), they took it to mean all soy and called us on the second day with a lot of concerns. Justifiably so, because all sorts of stuff that makes camp work has soy. Hot dogs, bread, rolls, etc etc etc. In order to safely send her to camp (and the camp is wonderful and would allow this), we would have to provide all her food for the entire 2 weeks. Not only is that a huge hassle, it would be very costly on top of the camp costs already. The other reason she didn't go this year was because in May she took a YMCA trip down to our nation's capital and our share after her fundraising was about what we pay for camp each summer. So she knew going in that camp was out this year, but I'm still sad that she has to miss out on something she loved so much. 

This year, my mom came to visit us during her two week stay with my brother over this past weekend. On top of that, Mr. Man came home for the weekend to visit with Grandma and celebrate his sisters birthday. It was a little bit chaotic. Because we had to get them both back on Monday, which was the official day, we celebrated her birthday Sunday when I didn't have to work. She arranged for some friends to come over and have a camp out in the back yard, and The Boy™ brought a projector and sound system home from work and we had homemade pizzas and birthday cake and then watched Pirated of the Caribbean pt. 3 on the side of the house from the backyard. It was nothing short of fantastic. Three things would've made it better. 1. Homemade ice cream to go with our cake. 2. If the town could turn the blasted light off at the Police Station that shines on the back of our house. and 3. If I would've had time to make graham crackers so we could've had s'mores. Although, with the cake, I think we were pretty much all set. Sometime this weekend, before July officially ends I will write her birthday letter and say a quiet prayer that summer slows down just a little bit.

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