Thursday, July 21, 2005

And God told Noah...

Why would anyone put a table in a swamp you might be wondering. Well, that isn't a swamp..that is my back yard! This will go down in the books as the summer we got a lot of rain. Not so much that it's rained a lot, because it rained a lot last summer too..but this year, we got a LOT of rain when it rained.. which was a lot. Following me here?

The last week of June, we got 11 and a half inches of rain in 4 days. Think about that a minute. That's almost a whole foot. Get out your trusty ruler, hold it up and contemplate that much rain. Then think about this. Every inch of rain is equal to one foot of snow.

Every week since, we've got considerable rainfall. Early this week, we had steamy tropical air, with warm temperatures, and when you add that all up you get severe thunderstorms. The kind that shake the roof, and have the dog cowering behind my legs with her tail tucked between hers. Who says animals are brave? Mine wouldn't know brave if it bit her in the a$$.

Tuesday, which is the day these photos were taken, we got an inch and a half of rain in less than 45 minutes. The ground is so saturated with water, the rain had no where to go. So we had flooding like we've never seen before here. The road flooded. My yard flooded. My kids went out with me to take these photos and danced around in the water. They've never seen anything like it.

So my grass is a lovely green, and my flowers are growing well, and I haven't had to water my gardens in ... well.. since early June actually. But give me a break. It's summer. We're supposed to be out frolicking in the sunshine, not puddle stomping on a daily basis. And we won't even post what the roof guy said, cuz you know, my mom might be reading (if nuns read blogs).. But yesterday and today are lovely, the kind of days that make you pour some iced tea and be grateful..that it's not raining! And even if it is going to rain's OK. Because it's not raining today. Maybe by then my yard will be dried up.

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