Friday, July 08, 2005

Tag I'm It

So, I guess I've been tagged (thanks Carly!) and now I'm it. I hate being it. too much stress. So, ok, anyhow here goes:

The questions is; Name 5 things you miss from your childhood

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1. Okay Seriously
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5. Same Ole' sCrap

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Yarn Harlot
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Shamus Has Issues

Ok, here goes:

1. I miss staying up late on Sunday nights to listen to Dr. Demento on the radio, and try to stay up until midnight when he did the show finished with the top 5 countdown. Those were some goodtimes.

2. I miss playing games with the other kids in the neighborhood (manhunt, red rover, kick the can etc.) and feeling like part of something bigger than we were. So maybe we didn't all get along, but we were the kids of OUR street, and we had some good times.

3. I miss my family. My parents are long divorced, remarried etc., and my siblings and I have all grown up and got married and moved away from each other (we're not all married). We get together a few times a year, but when we were younger we were close.. I miss that.

4. My neighbor, and friend, had an inground pool, and her dad ran a landscaping company, and he hired all the older neighborhood boys to work for him when they were old enough. And one of the job perks was swimming in the pool at the end of the day. Funny how we always just happened to be there no matter what time the day ended, lounging in the chairs.

5. Christmas. My mom always had a big family broohaha at our house every year. The food was plentiful, the family was everywhere and it was a rocking good time. I miss that.

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