Thursday, July 07, 2005

some letters

Dear Roof Guys,
You rock my world. Only crazy dedicated people stay up on a roof working during thunder and rain. My roof is coming along great. I know that every day you come it rains.. but thanks for showing up anyhow. And thanks for talking to me like I'm one of the guys, not some dumb broad who doesn't have half a clue of what you're talking about. I appreciate it. Smooches.

Dear Rain,
Go away. Wasn't 11 and a half inches last week enough for you? Can't you move on out to the west where they are being plauged with fires? Must you continue to ruin our summer vacation? No, it's ok.. our camping trip can wait until AUGUST, which is when we'll have another free weekend to go. No biggie really. But on the upside, my grass is a lovely shade of green and my flowers are thriving. So thanks...but no thanks!

Dear Car Mechanic,
I hate you. Why is it every time you give me a quote to fix the car, it's never right? How is it possible that I keep doling out huge wads of cash to you? I don't even like that POS car.. and yet you force me to pay $732.00 to be able to keep it on the road. Do you know that the book value of that car isn't even that effin much? Grumble. And then, after all that, you have some nerve to tell me that it's going to need a couple hundred dollars more work in the future. Well, too damn bad. It will have to wait until after school starts. My play money for the whole summer is gone now. Thanks a damn lot.

Dear Terrorists,
You suck the most. Don't you people have a hobby that doesn't involve death and destruction? It seems to me you have anger management issues. You should take up knitting, it might calm you. In the meantime..stop blowing up the world! You're just pissing us off. Don't you get that?? So knock it the hell off already.

Dear Tony Blair,
Rock on. I know you were angry and upset, but you did a knock up job of giving a calm collected speech inspite of it all. Congratulations on London winning the site for the Olympics, and our prayers are with your country right now as you deal with these attrocities. ((hugs))

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