Thursday, March 23, 2006

Che bella giornata!

What a Lovely Day!

Today I was reminded that in the hustle and bustle of this busy week, spring started. The wind has been blowing something awful lately, so the slightly warmer, sunny days haven't been enjoyable. Until today! There was still a bit of a breeze blowing it's chill through, but it actually felt like winter might leave us someday.

The only green to be seen for miles around, is the moss in my garden. The gardener in me knows that I should remove the moss. Moss is a sign of poor drainage and not enough sun. But the earthy, crunchy, artist in me LOVES the moss. I love the vibrant green in the summer after weeks of rain. A striking back drop to the colors of my plants and flowers. I love how perfect and smooth it looks with the plants just poking up out of them. It almost pains me to dig into it to plant new flowers, or pull weeds. So the moss and I have an agreement. It will provide me with happiness, and I will provide it with a home.

I love spring. Almost as much as I love fall. Maybe I love spring a wee bit more, because it is not followed by winter, which I loathe. Ok, I take that back. I love it in a different way. Each of the seasons has it's good and bad points. But spring.. oh spring has SO many good points. New growth. Buds and flowers on trees. Birds that wake me in the morning with their lovely songs. Grass. How I love grass. And everything looks so much better in spring. Winter's bare drab landscape makes things look old and tired. Everything is alive and new in spring. Who could hate this season?

Our weather isn't always that hot. Last year we went from weeks and weeks of cold and rain (right into June even)... to hot. We didn't really have a spring. More like, winter.. mud... rain.. summer. BAM. We are hopeful that this year will be different.

In the meantime, the Curriculum Fair is looming on the horizon. Today after the insurance inspectors left with their clipboards and camera and tsk tsk tsk's and head shaking.. we started to transform the west hall into a rainforest. Our principal walked by and asked if we were going to turn the bubbler into a waterfall. Some looks were exchanged that silently said, "why didn't we think of that?" and we all agreed that it was a brilliant idea. I will have photos for you next week, after the madness is over. In the meantime, take a few minutes and explore the new life all around you. Buona notte.

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