Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So Long... Farewell

Winter. Is. OVER.

I didn't post about it yesterday, because half the day was still actually winter, and because with the wind chill it felt worse outside than the coldest day we had all season, and I was a bit bitter.

It's not a secret that I hate winter. And actually, that isn't entirely true. I hate being cold. And I hate the short dark days. I don't like when it's pitch dark by 4:30. I don't get home until almost 4 most days, when it's dark by 4:30 I'm ready to go to bed by 7:00. There is no fun in that.
In winter I want to stay home once I am there. I crave soft warm clothes and blankets, and who wants to go back out into the cold for PTO, or drumming, or kids events or even to the library? Not me.

You might remember that we did a scientific study this winter. It started the day we got back from Christmas break, and it ended yesterday. We predicted that we would have more gloomy days than sunny. In a normal year, this would have been true. The results amazed everyone I shared them with. In 76 days, we had 44 sunny days and32 gloomy days. That was 12 more sunny days than gloomy. Who would've guessed? The kids want to do a rainy vs. non rainy study, as most of the rest of our year is technically spring, and "all it does is rain in the spring you know" as I was told.

Tomorrow I will post about spring. I can't share my feelings about spring in the same post as glum winter ponderings. It might tilt the balance of things and land me a snowstorm by the end of the week. Speaking of.. don't you love that photo? I have these plants in my garden, that shoot up every spring. And I wonder, are they tulips? Are they something else? They look like tulips... but what color? Every single year since we've lived here, after they shoot up into the warm spring air, we get a wet heavy snow storm that snaps them down (darn slate roof) to nothing and I'm left wondering what they are. Not this year. The universe owes me one.

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Carly said...

them are tulips, missy.

that's what mine look like before the deer eat them.

yay spring!!