Friday, March 31, 2006

F is for..

F is for Fun.

I am so tired that I can't think of one lousy word that start with F that I could blog about. (well, several did come to mind, but like I said.. COULD. BLOG. ABOUT.)

So I give you ... Fun with PEEPS. I love peeps. I perticularly love them stale. Like open the package and put them up in the cabinet, and forget about them for a month stale.


Crochet your own Peeps

Official Website

Voyage of the Peep-0-nauts

Peep Research

Lord of the Peeps

Doctor Fun's Peep O Rama

More Peeps than you can Shake a Stick At

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You always have the most incredible pics on your blog! And I'm in love with the crocheted peeps! Must make these for my kids for Easter!!! Maybe we could have a peep along!