Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lacy Goodness...

Ok, I know what you're thinking.. 3 posts in one day?!? I couldn't wait until tomorrow for this one. You'll remember a few weeks ago when I posted this swatch and mentioned secrets and shawls and crochet and left you hanging? (giggles)

I test crocheted a Garden Trellis Shawl for The Crochet Garden, and today it has become available for sale so now I can post it here for you to see! I used TLC Cotton Plus yarn in the color Salsa, and a size F hook. I used all but 3 yards of 5 skeins of yarn, and it wasn't enough. The shawl called for the end size to be 30" by about 80". During the 4th skein I realized I didn't have 6 skeins like I had thought (and someone else used this yarn in a different color and used about 6.3 skeins so buy 7 if you go with the TLC) and had to modify my shawl. It ended up 25" in length (before the edging) and about 62-63" wide. Still plenty big on my broad shoulders and the tip hits right past my arse.

It was very enjoyable to work up. Once it got going, and it kept getting wider and wider, I was averaging about an inch and hour. I won't tell you how many hours I spent working the edging yesterday, but it was a lot. Nice project to work on when you are supposed to be resting and keeping your feet up. I am envisioning this in a lovely white for a wedding.. but that's all I will say about that. You never know who reads your blog. The thing I love about Cotton Plus, is that it is washable. And it's blended with acrylic so it's not too horrible on your hands either. They also make a fantastic green called Kiwi that looks wonderful in this shawl. I just happened to have Salsa in my stash from my first knitting project that wasn't for a baby.. that I frogged because I didn't understand gauge back then. After 2 years I'm happy to have found a use for this yarn and am very happy with the end results. And if you're wondering, no I'm not a shawl person and aren't quite sure when I'd wear a red shawl, but it's lovely and I have it draped over a chair in my bedroom.

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This is very pretty!