Friday, June 29, 2007

In Which We Find a Birthday....

Because When.....

I paged your beeper with a 911 message after getting the results of my pregnancy test (our code for positive) when I was almost 20 and we weren't married, you came straight over after work and gave me the biggest hug and kiss in the whole world and told me everything would be OK.

I was cranky and tired and overworked and overwhelmed with taking care of a newborn 24-7 and feeling alone and unappreciated, you listened to my crap and loved me anyhow even though you were working double shifts at UPS so we could move out on our own.

I feel down the stairs when I was pregnant with Ms. Thang and sprained my ankle badly and scared the bejuzums out of myself and called you at work crying, you came right home and took me to my mother who x-rayed my ankle and sent me next door to my doctor to make sure she was OK too.

Mr. Man fell off the bench at dinner and split his chin wide open and I looked and could see things *in there* and had to turn away, you scooped him right up and took him down the hill to the ER and sat with him while he was brave and got stitches.

I called you at work the day of the fire in our apartment, and fell apart on the phone after holding it together for hours before hand, you came straight home and hugged me harder than you ever have before.

I found a house that I loved, even though it was far away from your family and still required a long arse commute for you to work, you said "When do you want to move in?"

I called you on 9/11/2001 after watching the Country be turned upside down, just to hear your voice, you finished what you were doing at work and came home to be with us.

I asked you, even though it was hard and scary, you did that *thing*.. on your terms and when you were ready.

I called you last summer to tell you that I fell down and thought I broke both of my ankles and couldn't walk, you came flying home and took me to the ER.

Every time I have needed you since we met back in 1993, you have been there for me.. without question, without complaint, without fail. For all these things and more, I love you.

Happy Birthday


Sgt said...

Happy Birthday Mr ScrappyChick!

Carly said...

this is going to sound weird given the list of calamities you rattled off... but you are so lucky...