Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

The last of the lovely weather has left, and it's considerably cooler and we're about to get a lot of very much needed rain. I'm fine with that, because vacation is over and we're about to head into the last 8 weeks of school. The rain will help the grass and the plants green up, and as my raking/yard clean up is finished, it can rain all it wants. (sorry for those of you on the other side of the state who have vacation this week)

Yesterday turned out to be much warmer than they called for, and we had a lovely afternoon to throw a wedding for my friend and her beloved. It was beautiful, and wonderful and awful and heartbreaking and a million other emotions all wrapped into one afternoon.

 Both their families, a lot of our coworkers and the kid's (teens, all of them) friends ..all got together in the best show of love and support ever. It was just amazing. It really was.
She is so tired, and week… and it was overwhelming and exhausting for her, but this was what she wanted and as much as I thought at first it was a bad idea.. I’m glad we did it. She was so happy… and seeing her so frail and sick breaks my heart. Her kids were so strong, and her (now) husband is so gentle with her and loving.. and I wish a million wishes that she could just get better and enjoy a long life with him. She really deserves it now, more than anything.. after a long marriage with someone else who wasn’t so wonderful before.
She doesn’t really know from one day to another what is going on…. and she was confused a bit yesterday also… and the part of me that is hopeful.. hopes that she remembers the day and holds on to it in the next few days/weeks/however long she has. She is too sick to get out of bed.. but they got her a wheel chair and she kept trying to get up and walk around and mingle.. which is so like her.. but it was just so sad and heartbreaking at the same time. If all the love could make her better she would outlive all of us. If only.....

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