Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day Late and a Dollar Short

So here it is, the fourth day of the month, and I'm already behind in posting every day. I hope that doesn't speak much about how the rest of my month will go. I was going to come and blog about something, but when I sat down here at the computer, and Sophie jumped up on the dresser behind me (more on that in a minute), I was inspired to post about her.

You might remember that Sophie came home in a lunchbox, on a hot summer day in August a few years ago. Ms. Thang and I were watching Harry Potter, and The Boy™ came home from work early, which was, and still is, a rare occurrence at my house.

 Sophie was tiny, and skiddish and fluffy. She licked at herself every two seconds, and later that night I  surmised that she had fleas. I got out the comb, and a bowl full of hot water, and picked her up and settled down on the couch. She was drowsy by then, and once I started combing, she started purring the loudest purr I've ever heard from a cat. Once she felt how good it felt to get those fleas off, she lay there for an hour not moving. I combed flea after flea after flea off her poor tiny body. I combed until I couldn't find anymore, and once a week after I combed again until she was old enough to get monthly treatments.

When our cat Bailey was born, she came to us from the house of a friend who's children picked those kittens up every day from day 1, and snuggled and played with and socialized them. Sophie very obviously didn't get that. She didn't like to be picked up, she would tolerate being pet on her terms, and she only snuggled with me, and only on occasion. She was, what I call, guy-shy.

Over the past 6 months or so, she has become my shadow. She follows me around like a puppy dog. If I go upstairs, she comes upstairs. If I iron in my bedroom, she lies on the floor (we call her floor cat because she prefers the floor unlike the rest of the cats) and naps or has a bath or just purrs. If I'm busy upstairs cleaning, she'll lie at the top of the stairs and wait. If she sneaks into our bedroom before we get to bed, she comes and lies next to my side of the bed and purrs loudly until she falls asleep. In the wee hours of the morning she jumps up and purrs next to my head until I let her out. If she hears my alarm go off, and I'm not up shortly after, she meews outside my door until I get up. She's a funny cat. Right now, there is a dresser behind my computer table, that is in the process of being moved out of my craft-room. Her new thing is to hop up there, right next to my head (it's a low one) and lie there while I use the computer. I always kid about how Bella picked Mr. Man to be her person (right from day 1 however).. and I think Sophie has picked me to be hers.

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