Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Not a Second-Class Citizen

I polled a class of first graders this morning on why today, the first Tuesday in November, was such an important day. I recieved answers ranging from, "It's almost Thankgiving." to "We're about to celebrate St. Patrick's Day." Not one of them knew that it was election day until I asked them why we had so many cars on the playground and were eating lunch in the classroom today. That's when the hands shot up. "Oooh.. oooh! It's cuz of voting!!!". This was followed by a quick lesson about what we were voting for today. Some of them thought we were voting for a new president. I thought I should set them straight. They may not have got it, but they all know that they are called mid-term elections. Job well done.

Personally, I am glad the day is over. I voted of course, as I have in every election, mid-term, Presidential or local school district, since I was of legal age.  Voting in my town takes place at our school, which while it is a safety and logistical nightmare, makes it darn easy to vote before I head home for the day. I didn't have any candidates that I felt strongly about this time around, but I did feel very strongly about the campaigns they were launching. I am sick of all the junk mail I keep getting, encouraging me to vote for so and so. Really? Are we out of the recession?? I guess it must have ended when I wasn't looking and that is how we can throw away money on needless advertising. Speaking of advertising, I'm tired of the TV spots also. Most of all however, I am TIRED of the phone calls. The never ending phone calls. My phone has not stopped ringing in weeks. It's never anyone who wants to chat. Not a friendly voice on the other end wanting to exchange pleasantries or inquire about my well being. It's some person, or automated machine, wanting a few minutes of my time to answer some questions about the upcoming election. My principal told me today that no matter what party calls, he tells them that he is part of the other party, and he's not voting this year. Of course that's a total lie but it keeps them on their toes. We have a few more days of election results and voting wrap ups... and then we can start campaigning for the next election.  At least the phone will be quiet for a while.

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