Monday, June 06, 2005

A few letters

Dear end of school countdown,
They say that 13 is an unlucky number, but I actually felt my heart leap in my chest when I came home today and changed the number. 13. Thirteen. 10+3= freedom. Yah, that's the new math. Tomorrow you will read 12, which at one point in my life was my favorite number. But now, you are my favorite friend. Keep those numbers going down.

Dear Weather Dudes,
You suck. There is a big ass difference between 60 and 80. I know yesterday you said that today would be 20* colder than yesterday, and this morning you repeated. When I went out to water my flowers it was chilly. So I wore a thin chenille sweater to school with my capri's.. thinking I was so smart. But how wrong I was. You made a fool out of me with your lying ways. Do you not realize that we actually pay attention to the weather out here, and there were kids in sweatshirts and jeans, all ready for a COLD day. 80 is not cold. Not even in New Mexico. Please find a new job.

Dear Severe Thunder Storms,
I heart you. So running back and forth from the concession shack to the car and back twice (damn keys, why were they in the car?) in torrential pounding rain sucked a bit, and maybe I got totally wet and all.. but I so had better things to do tonight then sell candy and hot dogs to snotty kids. Thank you for letting me tend to my chores and relax with my man. And I'll appreciate not having to water the garden before our 7:30 staff meeting tomorrow. Kiss Kiss.

Dear right knee,
Eff you. So what if the barometric preassure is bouncing like a hooker on a Friday night, stop effing hurting. I don't have time for you. I know we're in a long term commitment, and for years we've been dancing around the scary truth, but enough already. Can't you just do your job and let me get on with things. Why must you put me through this horrible torture. I had to run like a bat out of hell. It was POURING. There was lightning. I was in an open space with metal. Deal with it.

Dear Roof Man,
You are my hero. In 4 short days I will have a long stretch of roof that doesn't leak for the first time since I've lived here. I will forget that you promised me this roof before Thanksgiving. I will forget that you left for the winter ski-job without calling and letting me know you'd be back in the spring. 4 different leaky roofs suck. You will be knocking that number down, and I heart you. Please be careful, and don't fall off my roof while I'm not home. I'll see you Wednesday after school.

Dear summer TV roster,
You suck. But thank you for Hit me Baby 1 more time. I enjoy the part where the bands catch up and play their hit. I could do without the part where they cover someone else. I realize that right now I'm too tired to do anything much at night but watch the tube, but c'mon already. Can't I at least have something decent to watch in the meantime? It's only 13 more days.

Dear Yarn stash,
I am sorry. I have dreadfully neglected you this year, but I promise I will make up for it once summer break rolls in. I will organize you by weight and yarn type, and find you new friends to cahort with. Thank you for being so patient. You will be lovely WIP's and FO's.

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